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The City of Guthrie is governed by a Code of Ordinances that consists of an Adopting Ordinance, City Charter, 23 Chapters that make up our basic Ordinance Code, a Table of Special Ordinances, Fee Schedule and a Reference Section.

The Adopting Ordinance was adopted on March 19, 2002. It allows our Ordinances to be incorporated in one book and also allows us to revise this book as additional Ordinances are passed. It also created 23 Chapters to organize our Ordinances under.

Our City Charter is the document that establishes Guthrie as a city and creates the general organization of its administration. It establishes framework for the elective officers, their duties and responsibilities, policies governing our Municipal Court, our elections, as well as the parameters of our Ordinances and Resolutions and general policies regarding City of Guthrie Employees.

Our Table of Special Ordinances includes Ordinances that deal with Franchise Agreements, Street Closings, Annexations, Deannexations and Rezonings.

The Fee Schedule includes the amount the City of Guthrie and the Public Works Authority charges for various services.

The Reference Section allows for cross-referencing with Oklahoma Statutes, Resolutions, Ordinances or the 1990 Code. *Up to 1990, our Code of Ordinances was compiled into book form every 10 years. After that time, cities were allowed to simply add inserts to the existing 1990 book showing any revisions or new Ordinances. If you were trying to locate a section from the 1990 Code Section in our current Ordinances, this cross reference would show you where to find that section. For example, our reference shows that if you are looking for Section 1-17 of the 1990 Code Section, the column to the right would show that it is now located in Section 1-20 of the 2001 Code Section.

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