Human Resources


The Human Resource Department works strategically with all the departments within the City of Guthrie in identifying and responding to its changing needs. The department's mission is to provide leadership and guidance in the development, implementation, and equitable administration of policies and procedures to foster a positive work environment.


The Human Resource Department also purposes to:

  • Promote and support recruiting strategies and collaborate with departments to create a high performing, diverse workforce
  • Respond to the needs of the City in a helpful, supportive, and pro-active manner and provide quality services on which the City can rely
  • Initiate policy reviews as legislative, economic, or market conditions change
  • Affect financial, legal, or other operations of the City
  • Respond appropriately, creatively, effectively, and timely with policy and procedure change recommendations to the City Council
  • Provide an accurate and timely biweekly payroll for all City employees
  • Be the safety coordinator for the City's safety policies for providing a safe and healthy work place
  • Promote equality and fairly administer City policies, procedures, and benefits