« Administrative Division 

The Administrative Division maintains the day-to-day workflow of the department. All financial, policy, career development, department and event planning, records maintenance, and fleet management are conducted via this division.

« Operations Division

The Operations Division comprises the largest number of sworn uniformed officers within the department and has the primary public responsibility for the delivery of routine, essential, and emergency service. This division operates the Bike Patrol, Special Response Team, Lake Patrol, Traffic Enforcement Unit, School Resource Officers, Reserve Peace Officer program.

« Criminal Investigations Division

The Criminal Investigations Division is responsible for all forensic investigations. It is also responsible for drug awareness and educational programs. This Division also contains the newly formed, grant-funded Office of Victim Advocate Services. The members of this office ensure that appropriate services are available to victims throughout Logan County, provide training to hundreds Peace Officers, Communications Officers and Advocates annually, coordinate with other advocacy and service programs and organizations across the state and, generally, attempt to ensure the safety and security of all victims outside the scope of the traditional criminal justice system.

« Communications Division

The Communications Division is the direct link between the citizens and all emergency services. Communications Officers assign calls and assist officers by searching local, state, national and international databases for a variety of information. Our Communications Center is the only 911 Public Safety Answering Point in Logan County. The Center manages in excess of 20,000 calls for service annually for our police and fire departments, six other fire departments (including Coyle Langston, Meridian, Orlando, Sooner and Woodcrest), various other Emergency Medical Service Agencies and all County 911 calls. We are forecasting that one fire and two police departments could be added to our Center responsibilities this coming year.

« Animal Control Division

The Office of Animal Control Services maintains the Animal Shelter and is responsible for stray, abandoned, abused, vicious, and nuisance animals. This division promotes a very successful adoption service by using a popular volunteer program and various social media outlets.