Animal Control


Guthrie Animal Control provides assistance with lost, stray, and vicious animals within the corporate city limits. We also provide educational materials or programs for schools, scouts, and individual organizations.

Animal Shelter

Many times, missing or found animals are posted to the Guthrie Animal Control Facebook page.

Animals are available for viewing at the animal shelter located at 415 West Commerce Boulevard

Donations can be mailed to: Guthrie Animal Control; 306 West Oklahoma; Guthrie, OK 73044.


We have ordinances for:

  • Animal Waste Disposal - You are responsible for removal of fecal materials left by your animal.
  • Leash Law - All dogs must be on a leash or confined by a fence, even on the owner's property.
  • Cable or Chain Restrictions - Any animal kept on a chain, cable, or tie out must remain 15 feet from where the general public can be, i.e., sidewalks, alleys, or roadways.
  • City Licensing - All dogs and cats over four months of age must be vaccinated for rabies by a licensed veterinarian and licensed yearly. All the local veterinarians and the City Utility Office sell city licensing, with proof of yearly vaccination (rabies certificate).