Street Maintenance


This division is responsible for ensuring the safety and maintaining the condition of all public streets, alleys, and rights-of-way. The Guthrie transportation system must provide good local circulation for a variety of users around and through the City. The Street Division provides maintenance for traffic devices, bridges, and drainage systems and responds to emergencies such as accidents, storm damage, floods, and snow removal.

Services Provided

  • Pothole patching
  • Crack sealing
  • Asphalt paving
  • Signal lights
  • Street cleaning
  • Snow and ice removal from streets
  • Alley grading
  • Downtown lighting
  • Street striping
  • Unplugging drains
  • Stormwater drainage
  • Facility maintenance
  • Street construction projects
  • VC-21-05Maintenance of State routes within the City
  • Signage

Street Cleaning

To view the schedule for the street sweeper, click here: Street Sweeper Schedule

SNOWSnow Removal

To view a snow removal map and street priority schedule, click here: Snow Removal