Planning & Zoning


The Planning Department performs a variety of services intended to protect, maintain, and develop an attractive, safe, and healthy environment. Primary functions address property development and land use activities occurring in the City. These include use of:

Planning Documents and Maps


Zoning regulates land uses within the City. Each parcel in the City is assigned to a zone which describes the regulations under which that land may be used. The Zoning Ordinance identifies allowable uses and sets standards such as minimum lot size, maximum building heights, and set-back requirements. For specific requests on how your property is zoned, please complete the Zoning Verification Request.

The City of Guthrie established the Architectural Design Standards to set minimum standards for architecture, site planning, and landscaping. These standards are applied to new development or improvements to existing development.

The Planning Department provides technical assistance and staff support to the Planning Commission, Board of Adjustment, Historic Preservation Commission, and City Council.

Zoning Verification Request

If you need a zoning verification letter please contact (405) 282-0190 or email the request. You will receive a response by email unless there is question about the subject property and then a staff member will contact you by phone.