Neighborhood Solutions

Purpose & Mission

First Capitol Neighborhood Solutions is a nonprofit organization with a mission to provide resources that will strengthen, develop, and improve neighborhoods in Guthrie. Neighborhood Solutions is a neighborhood capacity building organization, strengthening Guthrie one neighborhood at a time.

Neighborhood Solutions is also a resource center that helps neighborhoods within the greater Guthrie area to establish neighborhood associations, which reconnect neighbors with one another.


As a part of their operations, Neighborhood Solutions organizes and provides:

  • Neighborhood Watch groups
  • Grant assistance for neighborhood groups
  • Grant assistance and financial assistance to qualified individuals repairing their homes
  • Financial assistance to qualified borrowers for home ownership
  • Financial counseling and credit report repair
  • Workshops and forums
  • Beautification programs
  • Speakers Bureau
  • A mechanism for neighborhoods and City Hall to work together

Additional Information

To organize your neighborhood and be part of the solution, email Neighborhood Solutions or call Sue DuCharme at (405) 282-2284.

Find them online or on Facebook.

You can also visit the office in person. The Neighborhood Solutions office is at 2003 W. Warner Avenue, Guthrie, Oklahoma.