How much is a grave space?
Please contact the Cemetery Clerk’s office at (405) 282-0492 for costs.

For more information, please view the Fee Schedule

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1. Can I sell unused grave spaces in my lot back to the City?
2. How can I sell my unused spaces?
3. Are mausoleums allowed?
4. I understand that I must get permission before I plant any shrubs on my grave spaces and/or lots. How do I get permission?
5. Why can’t I plant trees on my grave lots or spaces?
6. My mother was the owner of a lot, and she is deceased. Can I use the remaining grave spaces on the lot?
7. How much is a grave space?
8. Whom do I contact if I have any questions or suggestions for improving the cemetery?
9. I am doing genealogy research about my family from the Guthrie area. Whom can I contact for information?